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Voucher 3i

Voucher 3i allows innovative startups to access advice to patent an idea and file it with the Italian patent and trademark office or abroad. Promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development, it has a financial endowment of 19,5 million euro for the three-year period 2019-2021.

The voucher is intended for innovative startupsor joint stock companies, also incorporated in a cooperative form, whose shares or quotas representing the share capital are not listed on a regulated market or on a multilateral trading system.

How the 3I voucher works

The 3i voucher concerns the acquisition of a series of consultancy services:

  • to carry out preventive prior art searches and to verify the patentability of the invention;
  • for the drafting of the patent application and filing with the Italian Patent and Trademark Office;
  • for filing an application abroad that claims the priority of a previous national patent application.

Each innovative startup can request in one year (12 months counted from the first request) to grant a maximum of 3 vouchers for each type of service: in total, therefore, no more than 9 vouchers. Furthermore, the vouchers required for the same service must refer to different inventions / patent applications.

Applications can be submitted starting from 12 noon on 15 June 2020 and until any resources are exhausted.

The 3i voucher relates only to services and does not include fees and taxes relating to the deposit.

To apply for a voucher for filing a patent abroad, the innovative start-up must already have a national patent application.

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