Sasco Innovation offers digital transformation services.

Engineering activities will be repaid with the tax advantages provided by the 4.0 Transition Plan.

With the National Transition Plan 4.0, all businesses resident in the territory of the State will be able to access the tax credit, regardless of their legal form, size and economic sector.  

Investments in. Are eligible for a tax bonus of up to 50%  technologically advanced material capital goods and with a 20% tax bonus the purchase of intangible capital goods.

 The tax credit due can be used exclusively in compensation, in three annual installments of the same amount.

The tax credit can be combined with other concessions that have the same costs as their object, provided that this accumulation does not lead to the cost incurred for the acquisition of the good and / or service subject to the concession being exceeded.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance monitors the use of the tax credit according to the regulations in force.

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