Drawings + 4

Drawings + 4 aims to support micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the enhancement of designs and models through concessions granted in the form of capital grants up to 80% of eligible expenses and in compliance with the maximum amounts provided for each Phase and for each type of expenditure.

The project must concern the enhancement of a single design / model or of one or more designs / models belonging to the same multiple deposit registered - at any national or regional intellectual / industrial property office - with effect from from 1st January 2018 and in any case prior to the presentation of the application for facilitation and being valid.

For the measurement Drawings + 4 Expenses for the acquisition of external specialist services incurred after the date of registration of the design and in any case not before the date of publication in the Official Journal of the Italian Republic of the relative press release will be recognized as eligible.

The concessions are aimed at the purchase of external specialized services to favor:

  1. The putting into production of new products related to a registered design / model (Phase 1 Production).

Expenses incurred are eligible for:

  • Research on the use of new materials;
  • Prototyping;
  • Making of molds;
  • Technical consultancy for the production chain aimed at putting the product / design into production;
  • Technical consultancy for product certification or environmental sustainability;
  • Specialized consultancy in the approach to the market (es. business plan, marketing plan, market analysis, graphic and text layout design for offline and online communication material) closely related to the design / model.

The maximum amount of the subsidy, for Phase 1, is equal to € 65.000,00.

  1. The marketing of a registered design / model (Phase 2 - Marketing).

Expenses incurred are eligible for:

  • Specialized consultancy in the technical-economic evaluation of the design / model;
  • Legal advice for the drafting of license agreements for industrial property title;
  • Legal advice for protection against counterfeiting actions.

The maximum amount of the subsidy, for Phase 2, is € 10.000,00.

To access the facilities it is possible to provide, for the same registered design, a single Phase or both.

Only one application per company may be facilitated.

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