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Digital and pandemic connectivity

Digitization and connectivity.

Digitization and connectivity in an extraordinary ministerial of the G20 Digital Economy, dedicated to the emergency Covid-19. The ministerial saw the participation in videoconferencing of various subjects. In particular of the Undersecretary for Economic Development Mirella Luizzi, which highlighted the main provisions of the Italian government on the subject. In particular, the initiatives to strengthen electronic communications networks in order to guarantee the continuity of services, especially the priority ones for emergency management.

"We are aware of the essential role of digital technologies not only to face the crisis but also to support the recovery that must necessarily follow this difficult moment," said Undersecretary Mirella Liuzzi.

To combat the current pandemic and create models of action that can be activated in similar situations, the G20 countries agreed on the importance of bringing together the work of the task force of digital with that in the health sector to provide coordinated technological solutions. Furthermore, it was agreed on the acceleration towards digital and innovative business models in the production and international commercial cooperation. The aim is to strengthen the resilience of businesses, with particular reference to SMEs.

"Italy has ensured its commitment to collaboration between the G20 countries especially in the use of new technologies to accelerate the emergency solution, identifying the best implementation practices in response to the challenges that may emerge in the future, also in view of the next Italian presidency in 2021 of the G20, "concluded Liuzzi.

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