SMEs wishing to convert their production processes to digital can take advantage of direct facilities for the implementation of

to. enabling technologies identified by the National Business Plan 4.0. (advanced manufacturing solutions, additive manufacturing, augmented reality, simulation, horizontal and vertical integration, industrial internet, cloud, cybersecurity, big data and analytics) and / or;

b. technologies related to digital technological solutions of the supply chain, aimed at:
1) the optimization of the management of the distribution chain and the management of relations with the various actors;
2) to the software;
3) platforms and digital applications for the management and coordination of logistics with high integration characteristics of service activities;
4) to other technologies, such as e-commerce systems, mobile and internet payment systems, fintech, electronic systems for data exchange (electronic data interchange-EDI), geolocation, technologies for the in-store customer experience, system integration applied to process automation, blockchain, artificial intelligence, internet of things.

To this end, the projects must include the realization of:

to. process innovation or organization innovation activities, or;

b. investments.

The expenditure projects must also be carried out within a production unit of the proposing company located throughout the national territory, foresee an amount of expenditure of not less than 50.000,00 euros and not more than 500.000,00.

The benefits are granted on the basis of a nominal percentage of eligible costs and expenses equal to 50 percent, broken down as follows:

to. 10 percent in the form of a contribution;

b. 40 percent as a subsidized loan.

The subsidized loan must be repaid by the beneficiary without interest starting from the date of disbursement of the last payment of the subsidies, according to an amortization plan with constant deferred half-yearly installments expiring on May 31 and November 30 of each year period of a maximum duration of 7 years.

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