We go deeper to "reveal" the insights of the organization and instill the courage to act.

Let's bring the right people together to challenge "static thinking" and drive digital transformation.



Find the problem

What is the first problem to solve? As long as you have time and energy, set priorities and urgencies and "attack" the biggest of problems ... the one that in all probability will allow you to give a boost to all the activity.

Internal searches

Search for the problem within your company. You will surely have weaknesses in your organization that do not allow you to take advantage of the opportunities that innovation offers you.

Listen to your team

Talk to your team and listen to their reasons. Explain to him that you want to carry out a project to innovate the company, also to make everyone's work more enjoyable.

Analyze the Problem

In this step in the problem solving process, you will want to find out the cause of the problem, what the problem represents at the moment, and the urgency to "attack" the question.


Research and Analysis

Whether you are aware of it or not, as a business owner, market research and analysis are essential.

Market research

From the researches conducted with modern data mining tools you can deduce the trends and patterns relevant to the performance of your business.

Analysis of the results

Periodically conduct analysis on marketing data to highlight the critical areas on which to act and where to bring innovation.


Implement solutions

Like any good doctor, our task is at this point to identify the right "medicines" for the problem.

Project Management

The team of project managers specialized in the various application sectors will follow the design and implementation of innovation processes step by step.

Technology Management

Increase the flexibility of your business. Reach more, faster and with fewer resources, with the following key enablers: cloud, mobile, social, analytics, the internet of things and big data. 4.0 technologies are able to completely transform your business.

Business Process Services

By leveraging the services of Sasco Innovation, you can focus on the challenges of your core business, instead of investing too much time and energy on non-core day-by-day processes.


Strategy & Planning

A correct strategy and the consequent planning of the actions to be taken, if correctly interpreted, will lead to the achievement of the general objective.


Planning of financial resources, advice on the supply of the latter (through subsidized finance and / or venture capital), with an eye to preserving the company's liquidity.

R & D & I

From the design idea to the implementation through the various design steps, from the creation of prototypes for the experimental phase to the reporting of investment costs.


If your goal is to bring innovation to the market for the enhancement of your products and / or services, you cannot avoid a series of marketing actions aimed at this.

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